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Violet Sparkle

Sent Oil

violet Sparkle .jpg

It is our belief that sparkling unicorns really do existed, then this would be what they smell like! A sweet smelling fragrance, which has a slight reminiscence to Parma violets, without the harshness.

Fragrance Pyramid:
Initial Scent with most impact: 
Sweet Raspberry, Fruity Sherbet
Truest Nature of Fragrance: Candy Floss, and Marshmallow
Supporting Base, and lasting scent: Vanilla, Caramel, and Subtle woody notes


Watermelon Sent Oil


This is truly a sent of those warm summer says, Laughing and having fun with a picnic in the park.  The pleasant recall of all those happy times and yet more to come.

It is always difficult to find a true watermelon scent. We are pleased to bring our take to the table. This is a mouth-watering fragrance, with such a great scent throw. This fragrance oil has a great transfer potential- meaning the fragrance is evident long after the source has been removed.

Fragrance Pyramid:
Initial Scent with most impact: Mouth Watering Watermelon
Truest Nature of Fragrance: Mainly Watermelon, with a hint of refreshing lime
Supporting Base, and lasting scent: Watermelon, with cucumber to support


Very Cherry Sent Oil

Verry Cherry.jpg

This Very Cherry fragrance oil is a very potent mixture of both red and black cherries. It does not have the “Cherry Bakewell” Almond type smell to it that a lot of cherry fragrances do. It is a very deep, fruity scent and we love it! It is a luxurious unisex fragrance which smells divine in soaps and other bath products but of course will be perfect in any creation.

Fragrance Pyramid:
Initial Scent with most impact:
 Ripe Cherry
Truest Nature of Fragrance: Almost floral, a sweet smell
Supporting Base, and lasting scent: Tangy balsamic base


Totally Tropical Fragrance Oil

totaly topical .jpg

A fun, fruity fragrance which reminds us of a well-known Pineapple and Grapefruit soft drink!  This is a refreshing yet sweet fragrance with a fizzy sherbet like scent to it. A Perfect unisex scent for all ages.

Fragrance Pyramid:
Initial Scent with most impact:
 Fresh Citrus
Truest Nature of Fragrance: Tangy Sherbet
Supporting Base, and lasting scent: Orange, with a tang of zesty lime


Space Purple Sent Oil

space purple.jpg

We might be tempted to say that it is out of this world. A fun, yet alluring aroma which is similar in both style and identity to a popular female perfume. It is a bewitchingly strong but light fragrance which lingers well. It is a very defined fragrance. It is a favorite product radiant in any bath and body product.

Fragrance Pyramid: 
Initial Scent with most impact:
Truest Nature of Fragrance: Woody Earth
Supporting Base, and lasting scent: Amber


Savage Fragrance Oil


This fragrance has been inspired by a noble men’s fragrance. It is a very masculine and strong scent.  A bold, strong and free fragrance.

Fragrance Pyramid: 
Initial Scent with most impact:
 Bergamot, Sichuan Pepper
Truest Nature of Fragrance: Geranium and Lavender
Supporting Base, and lasting scent: Patchouli and Vetiver


Miss Koko Sent Oil

Miss Koko.jpg

The Sent of Miss Koko is light and airy and lifts on the breeze.  As if someone has passed you and this sent encourages you to seek out the person who just passed you buy.  This fresh, sweet and delicate fragrance is light but not overpowering, having been inspired by a luxury female fragrance. This oil has a slightly oriental, woody vibe to it. Another premium perfume which is a feminine, sophisticated fragrance. 

This would leave them wanting more.

Fragrance Pyramid: 
Initial Scent with most impact: 
Woody Amber
Truest Nature of Fragrance: Patchouli and Oriental Musk
Supporting Base, and lasting scent: Vanilla and Tonka Bean


Midnight Opium Sent Oil

midnight Opium.jpg

This perfume inspires an indulgent night out in New Orleans after the carnival.  A night of hedonistic delights where you know nothing but the sent of the person your embrace. The passion of the night caries on this sent as it lifts in the warm air.  It is a light, & just the slightest fresh hint of sweetness as your innocence shines through. You feel your best, happy, parted out,  and will always have memories of tonight thanks Midnight Opium.

Inspired by a female fragrance on pricier side of the spectrum.  Its brilliance shines through.

Fragrance Pyramid:
Initial Scent with most impact: 
Orange Blossom
Truest Nature of Fragrance: Jasmine
Supporting Base, and lasting scent: Cedarwood, Vanilla and a hint of Patchouli.

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