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You are now able to purchase our fragrance range in wax melt snap bars.

These come in a veriety of options and colours.


We discovered when you use a wax melt to gain the best to burn for a max of 20 mins from the wax becomeing liquid.  Then turn off the heat. This will save some fragranve for the last of the wax.  Your Nose and the space will be maxed out and you would not gain any more at that time.  This provides  the best for the product to last to the end.


We have a large arragement of optins and only make the options seasonally but just ask if your looking for something in particular.


Provided you with a fun display of colours and fragrance. Followed with the best value for price ingredients and our secret blend to 3 different oils to soak in your bath with.

A wide select ion of fragrance and colours that are constantly updated. Be aware every item may be slightly different, with the odd crack that happened during drying. This is a natural part of the process and as our Eco manifesto is to reduce waste we still sell them. If they are beyond our acceptable limit we will discount them in the oopsie section of the shop. The look will not affect the function of the product. But any issues please contact our staff for assistance.

Our items are all handmade and can have differences from the immage. Please see the returns policy and contact if you have any questions.

Wax melt snap bars 70g & 90g packs

90g: Prosecco Raspberry & Peppermint Candy Cane Hearts
75g: Citronella
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