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Toilet Loo Bombs a packet of 100g will go a long way.


While display as red white and blue the mix in the Loo to provide a Royal Purple shade. Also a fantastic Linnen Fresh fragrance. Limited Time only.


Just lift the lid pop one or more into the pan. they fizz gently casting the chosen fragrance to enhance & freshen your room.


We recommend storage in a jar and let the fragrance vape off gradually into the room. A pleasant smell to be experienced. Our product will arrive in a biodegradable bag for enviromental and poct reduction cost.

A variety of different shades (may vary from advert), you can mix and match to coordinate with your room. However we decided in development that Yellow would not be a good idea for the toilet but will make as a custom order for you....! Min of 6 x items will secure a decision of fragrance or colors.

You will find this is a freshener and due to not paying for additional assessments beyond the expense currently. Well bicarb and Citric react to limescale under the water to dissolve. But we could never promote this as we did not7 assess as a cleaner so this is free information if you looked on the internet... Enjoy we did not see a need to add this expense on the product. We love it the way it is... xx

Toilet Loo Bombs

Sent oil : Linen Fresh. Queen's Jubilee Red, White & Bue.
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