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New in !!!!

A range of fantastic fragrances to pick from,

Custom request for your own colours or fragrance from our range is just a min of x 6 of the same item.


Do not worry if we run out come in last week and order some while we have them in the shop...!

they have 3 different wonderful oils in the product leaving you smelling and feeling fantastic.


80g Blue Box Bath bomb, full of covered embeds that produces a steak of colour in the water.

These Items can be delicate and the blue light with the best of effort may come of at any stage particularly if posted. We have tried but this just defeats us. Sorry.


Police Blue Box (Tardiis)

  • This fantastic time travelling blue police box will provide you with a wonderfull... time in your bath. You could say time will stand still.

    You relax and let your mind wander! 😌

    Available in a selection of 30+ fragrance oils.

    We can provide custom batches min of 6 x items the same.

    Just ask.

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