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Heart 3D printed Mould for Bath Bombs, Bubble Bars and more...


This is a three part mould we produce and design in-house, this is 7cm from the top of the Heart to the point.  It has identical top and bace formers, with a tube guid that can also cut bubble bar mix.


As with all our moulds please wash with regular dish soap and try not to leave soaking in water for extended peiods of time, they are not suitable for the dish washer as High heat as this can deform them.  We post in a storage box with a lable on the outside to make it easy to find amids your manny moulds.  Our box will stck and assist in storage.

We have as yet not had any distruction test and although extremly strong we advise only Hand pressing for now.  The use of Pheumatic or mechanical Press are not certified and would be at your own risk at this time.


As we are able to we can customise this for you to the size you require.

With all the filiment used to make our mould will vary to find the best quality and cost so the colour may change.  If you must have a particular shade let our staff know.


Our products are made fro Food save and PLA and is sourced from UK manufactrere so no oversea trave and a low carbon footprint.  We do our best to be Vegan, animal friendly and biodegradable in all our production.

Heart 3D printed Mould for Bath Bombs, Bubble Bars and more

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