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                                                                   You can be scanned 3D.

                                                         Thing we scann if you can stay still:





                               Parts for equipment & any other that you can imagine...!


                     Make your role play fantasy game set of yourself or chess set...!

                                                            Limited by your imagination...


This is for the scanning only, the cost of your item will vary on the requirements, size, time to print, edditing you request but all will be clearly quoted upfront without any commitment to pay.


The Scanned file will be your property and presented in the format of an OBJ & STL Files via email.  You can use it yourself, and only with your permition will we represent workundertaken on our Web page or social media.  We will not reproduce any file without your spesific written consent or request.  This is why so manny of our projects are not available on our portfolio to view.  We would not wish to realise any immage and interup a surprise or product realease.                                            

Please enquire now to book.


We will start an appointment system and Travel the UK Scanning sessions later in the Year.

Join our Members area to recive advance notice or dates & discounts.



3D Scanning Only. Of people, pets, possessions

  • This is for a STL or OBJ file scan only. No edditing or other production.

    no returns.  If you desire edditing call to discuss. We will arrange a suitable delivery of teh file, by arrangement.

    We hold a copy for max 12 then deleat, this is sole use by you without written consent to ourself to do anything with the file.

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