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07960 558 560

Multi Environmental Award Winning Firm.
Vegan Friendly In Our Products.
Located on the Yorkshire coast UK.

Provide Bath, Beauty, 3D scanning &
Printing Products and services.


Our Bookable Services

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Welcome to our page.

We started in 2020 on the High Street in the HIGHT of the Zombie Apocalypse. At that time with over 20 years of experience. We are an intimate independent firm on the Yorkshire coast. We strive to make the best quality products, from the best ingredients, for the best price. While ensuring our environmental Manifesto. This had gained Multi Environmental awards to date…!

Soapy Bubbles T/A Polaris 3D Printing Ltd are fully Safety Registered & Assessed for all our product range. Insured to over £5,000,000.oo. We have no problem rising to any challenge to create something unique just for you at the best quality with the best possible competitive price…! We come in at Half the cost to the next well-known high-street outlet. We can work to fast turnaround on deadlines. We can collaborate with you to reach your target results. With full confidentiality from any competitors. You will not see who we work with promoted on our pages for this reason.

We make more than 20+ unconventional products in house. With over 40+ fragrances to choose from.  Be assured of our rigor, we quiz all our suppliers who feed our manufacturing system. Such as the ingredients they use, who or where they buy from. Other big firms say they are ECO. That they buy in the UK, but then it is just from a firm who just bought from the other side of the planet.

This is not our way.

Our system currently sits at less than 1% plastic in our system, that is not Biodegradable, Compostable, Recyclable or Reusable.

Our Bath and beauty side of the company can supply single items from our retail shop & web pages. We easily step up for volume from as little as x6 to x5,000 items. Be this a wedding or corporate gifts, marketing, etc.

We can discuss custom white label items as custom revenue streams to meet your personal requirements. We provide bespoke products using our in-house design, manufacturing team and off the shelf options which are unique to us. Call for a FREE consultation.

UK - +44 (0)7960-558-560.

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Range of Services offered.
3D Custom Printing, 3D Scanning or any 3D CAD files can be created.

Custom Corporate Identity gifts & give away items.
3D custom & generic moulds

3D printed moulds, custom & generic.

Cosmetics :
(Bath, Shower, Toilet bombs, shave stick, Soap Bars, Sheets, Sponges, other personal hygiene items)
Shower & bathroom products.
Wax melts, Candles & more.

Party , wedding, event gifts custom & generic.
Kits for make your own Bath bombs or soap.
For small to medium manufacturers.
Wholesale & Retail customer base catered for.
And so much more as we constantly innovate and evolve...!

Our Manifesto & Mission at

Soapy Bubbles T/A  Polaris 3D Printing Ltd

Simple: to provide high-quality services for our clients. Our team goes above & beyond to cater to each project’s specific needs. Through open communication & exceptional service, we hope you’ll find what you’re looking for with our Bath, Beauty, 3D Scanning & Printing service.


For more information or general inquiries, get in touch today.

Call UK +44 (0)7960-558-560.

Email :-

We are committed to a One World Economy, and with this in  mind, have sourced environmentally friendly materials.  All our 3D products are made from Plant based  recycled materials, sourced from within the UK by an innovative local manufacturer.

We desire to lower our organisation's impact at a global scale to use the best, most modern materials to ensure we support the environment & animal safety.

This is why we are Multi Environmental Award Winning, competing at a National scale for our endeavors, partners, programs & attitude to manufacturing from our entire supply chain.


We bring  safe, chemistry assessed, registered & insured products to you. In the most creative, unique, innovative way possible.


All our 3D products can be returned, no matter how long you have owned them at the end of their life for recycling.

We are here to help - Just Ask!