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Wedding Favour Bath Bomb, each £3.50

Bride & Groom.

100g on average, 8cm x 8.5cm.


Can be customised to match your wedding colours.


Wedding Favour Bath Bomb, have an escape that has just arrived. This wonderfull item has rainbow embeds that will activate after the Bath Bomb has been deposited into a warm bath.


You will be welcomed with a fountain of fizz and colours. The sent oils of your choice and the luxuriously oils that soften the skin. All in all a relaxing and enjoyable time to be had.


We have a separate section with a full sent oil description for you to compare. Not sure just pick them all... x


Contact our office for custom items form sent oils to colours and shapes. Just ask.


Do not hold as temporary staining may occur.

Never leave children unsupervised.

We do not recommended for under 3 years of age.


Wedding Favour Bath Bomb

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