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These are beautiful Hart shaped soap embedded sponges. Red/Pink & Pink/Red.

We would expect with normal use to have an average family to still be using it 4 weeks later. There is on average over 100-150g of product infused to our sponges and this is variable on the size and density of the sponge, but we try to pack as much as reasonable into every sponge so your often receiving more than is marked on the packaging.


They are Glycerine soap infused with a selectin of sent oils, (x 20 to choose from) and permit you to just run under warm water and lather up. This will release the wonderful sent or if you require no sent oil the naked soap sponge. The sent oil will carry around the space and out to the next room providing a long lasting joy.


The sponges are made from synthetic material to and reduce the eco issue we chose not to add Glue to the two sections of the hart. This will permit you to in time separate the sponge hanging the larger section in the shower say and the smaller can go in you kit bag to the Gym or away to some romantic weekend.


We recommend when your finished washing you permit the Soap sponge to drain and air for the next use as soon as possible afterwards.


The sent oils used for these are Violet Sparkle or Naked with no sent oil.


If you desire your own custom sent you have 20 to choose from and just contact our office to organise. Our min batch is x 6 units on any item. Were happy to advice for free.

Dimensions – 13.5cm x 13cm x 4cm.

Weight - 150g

This is between the guest and family bar size. Dimensions and shade due to monitor may vary slightly.  We will provide a random colour unless specifically requested.

Sponge - Soap Embedded

  • If you decide you do now want this the cost or return post will be incurred by the purchaser. Sadly if this item is used or not able to be re-sold condition we will be unable to accept returns. They must be returned in the original packaging. Your statutory rights are not affected.

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