Hart Rainbow Sponge  - Multy tone glued synthetic sponge

The Hart Rainbow has been so poular that the immage is of the soap sponge, but be assured were due more in the next week.

These are our naked sponge range for bath& body. This is the Rainbow Hart sponge synthetic sponge together with minimal glue, to provide a suitable bond and minimal eco impact.


Please look for our custom made shapes to pick from in the range and all a bit different. Enjoy looking through. They are just the perfect size and shape to hold and to provide a fun and pleasurable bath or shower. These are for external use only and not advised for under 3 years of age.


Hart Rainbow Sponge  - Multy tone glued synthetic sponge

Size – 10cm x 9.5cm x 4cm. Weight– 10g (min)

Soap Sponge _Hart Rainbow



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