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Introduction Sale - Until 31st May 2021. £2 off the cost of the 5 x sheet purchase deal.


This is for a customised 5 x Sheets of Soap only.

Larger volumes are available, contact our office.

Appros Dimentions -  (21.5cm x 28cm) (8.5 x 11 inches). 

  • NB-Then some trimming and cutting waste from this area, depending upon the required finish.

We will add your logo, colours and a choice of sent oils from our range. Or Naked that is with no fragrance or colours.


As you can see we are able to produce quite detailed images, you can have the family name, wedding details, company logos or your artwork added to the sheet of soap due to our innovative process.


There is nothing left at the end of washing your hands and the product can be washed down any drain. These are handy where you’re not wishing to leave a guest bar of soap when only a relatively small amount is required. You then reduce your environmental waste. There is less packaging and unlike liquid soap you are not paying to transport water that you have on tap.


If you place this in your hotel, guest house, or your own home, for wedding favours or a birthday gift even for the new home surprise. We can personalise the sheet of soap to have your own details and artwork. Just ask.


They are provided in ait tight containers, but you can opt to include a reusable tin. With a label on the outside.


  • Discuss full customisation and wholesale or large batch orders.


  • All customisation wording and immage must be emailed to the office with your Order Number to connect them. Any Problems contact the team who are happy to assist you.


Soap Sheet Multiple - Single use Customise

£14.00 Regular Price
£12.00Sale Price
  • Please see the returns pollicy before purchase.  

    Any questions please contact our team who are happy to assist.

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