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Fantastic shave kits with our custom range.

These kits contain :

1 x shave stick

1 x Disposable long-lasting Razor.

The recipe for our soap is such that the 3 x secret oils in the mix cause the blade to glide smoothly across your skin. We're told gone are the days of razor rub with this silky smooth cream.

The card tube is wax lined & fully compostable and will last so long you will wonder why you bout any other. No tins you paid for to be bined or nasty gass in the atmosphere!!

How to use, just wet skin directly apply use hand or a shave brush.


Whip in container an apply to skin.

We have a video if you want further guidance!

Kits can be customised to your personal needs. Just call or email.

Shave Kit -Bronze box

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