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These are wonderfully scented and playful bath bombs.  These little unicorns will when deposited into the warm bath water provide a beautiful sent that will spread around the room and beyond.  Then after some fizzing you will find the hidden colour that is inside the Bath bomb to add a bit of pizzazz to the bath.


Relax and enjoy your time in the water with the beautiful infusion for sent and other oils.  Why not ask about your own custom made batch to your own preference, colours and a choice of 20 different sent oils.  Ideal for gifts or party favours.


These Unicorns are in two different sent oils.

Purple unicorn is – Violet Sparkle

White Unicorn is  - Prosecco Raspberry.


Please contact our office if you have any further questions.

Bath Bomb - Unicorn

  • If you decide you do now want this the cost or return post will be incurred by the purchaser. Sadly if this item is used or not able to be re-sold condition we will be unable to accept returns. They must be returned in the original packaging. Your statutory rights are not affected.

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