Various off the shelf moulds unique to Polaris 3D Printing.


More to follow at various prices. £58 +


This is all dependants on your art work, level of detail and requirements. We will provide a quote before you commit financially. This is due to each item and the customisation desires of each client.


We will keep your artwork, Logo or idea just for your use. To permit you to be different, unique one off...!


Average size mould is two or three sections approximately 8cm x 6cm. But it can be anything you desire.


After the artwork design has been fulfilled it it cheaper for further items. All prices will be quoted upfront.


Bath Bomb Mould Custom To your own desire

SKU: 364215375135191
  • Various off the shelf moulds unique to Polaris 3D Printing .  Manny to follow at various prices.

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United Kingdom, will post globally.

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